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causes of erectile dysfunction

The reasons for this are different depending on comorbidities, age, and lifestyle. In 20-30 years the success of men on the sexual front a direct impact on his emotional and physical condition. Failures have a negative impact not only on the relationship with the second half, but interpersonal relationships in General.

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Problems with erection and libido, make impossible the successful completion of sexual intercourse. Now more and more men from 30 to 35 years, complain of decreased sexual energy, and insufficient erection. When you visit a doctor they hear the terrible sentence: “erectile dysfunction”, and thought instantly “paint” the word impotent.

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Etiological factors
Take care of the vessels
Bad habits – enemies of men
No one is immune

Etiological factors

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The reasons are different and the most common is a problem of emotional nature.

Most often, this type affects men 18-20 years of age who do not have sufficient sexual experience. It is not excluded that during puberty the parents caused the child serious psychological trauma, instilled in him a negative attitude to sex, which led to psychological impotence. Young people (18-20 years old) is also too worried about what impression they make on your partner and can satisfy her. Often there may be a fear of catching any sexually transmitted diseases.

According to doctors, impotence psychological nature of man with healthy self esteem and not a rookie on the intimate front, to cope on their own. However, if you have experienced impotence at age 20, you should not neglect professional help. In the treatment of psychological impotence the second half also plays an important role. In some cases, the partner becomes the cause of development of disease, especially if it’s prone to criticize his chosen one, to ridicule him or to compare with the previous gentlemen. Conversely, warm and trusting relationships will always contribute to a speedy recovery.

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Impotence 30-35 years of age sometimes develop due to low amounts of testosterone. Scientists called this factor a complex term “hypogonadism”. Most often the disease is common in more Mature men. Young people (20-25 years) tend to suffer from this disease because of other reasons. The fact that insufficient amounts of testosterone slows down associated with the erection process. Because of disorders in the endocrine system the body can begin to produce excess amounts of the hormone prolactin, which contributes to the destruction of testosterone.
Woman berates man

A frequent criticism from women can cause psychological erectile dysfunction.
Take care of the vessels

Among the most common causes of impotence it should be noted the damage of the vessel wall. In this case, the penis is not sufficiently filled with blood, causing an erection is significantly reduced. Such a condition may indicate the presence of comorbidities such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease and blood vessels. Then sometimes there is an early impotence (30-35 years). For example, if a man is suffering from atherosclerosis, then it in the blood in increased volume contains cholesterol, which contributes to the destruction of the inner walls of blood vessels.

They formed plaques affecting the blood circulation. Against clogging of blood vessels affects not only the penis, and begins to reginout in a much lesser degree. All the organs that are damaged vessels nourish blood receive less oxygen, resulting in their work deteriorates.
Other causes of impotence – it is the consequences of diseases such as stroke, and various injuries associated with the work of the Central nervous system. If the source of the problem, the reduced or absent erection due to an insufficient number of nerve impulses that either do not reach into the cavernous body at all, or do so with great difficulty.

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Most often lesions within the spinal cord play a crucial role in the emergence of the disease, but not eliminated, and the negative impact of other factors (of a herniated disc, and various pathologies or sclerosis). Most often impotence in men 30-35 years develops due to intake of drugs intended for the treatment of more serious diseases: heart and blood vessels, gout, and mental disorders. If you stop taking your medication or to replace it, then the erection will be restored. But this is not always possible.
A vessel with atherosclerotic plaques

Atherosclerotic plaques inside blood vessels of the pelvis can cause erectile dysfunction.
Bad habits – enemies of men

Causes of impotence may be associated with the use of tobacco, alcohol, eating bad foods. Alcoholism and impotence is inseparable “friends.” Also affected by stress, unprotected sex, multiple visits to the bath and other factors.

Eating fatty foods and alcohol in the male organism fall substances that contribute to excess weight gain, lower testosterone, thereby increasing the amount of female hormones. Such a process and 20 and 30-35 years of age can lead not only to impotence but also to infertility.

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While Smoking the body is carbon monoxide, which prevents oxygen output. Due to this, the blood vessels can form clogging or a clot, often in the penis vessels become thin, there is a violation of blood flow to the penis. Unsafe sex with untested partner can lead to new diseases, namely, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and other species. Fans often bathe in the baths and saunas should think that an erection is very influenced by temperature. Sperm by overheating of the scrotum can die.
Almost smoked cigarette with the ash

Smoking and other bad habits can contribute to erectile dysfunction.
No one is immune

Many are mistaken believing that a violation of potency and erection men suffering from of old age, and this is considered normal and not unusual. According to experts, this view is mistaken. The number of young (30-35 year old) who are suffering from erectile dysfunction is constantly increasing, and quite a lot of men have problems with potency at a fairly young age (20-25 years). Normal impotence is not considered to be normal if, after 65 years there is a slight decrease libido, and sexual performance.

But when there is impotence at a young age (20-35 year old), then the required diagnosis and treatment of this disease. This condition is not characteristic, and should examine the causes that occur in different periods of life. Almost always at a young age the cause of the disease are:

Psychogenic factors.
Venous insufficiency of the penis.

The average age (30-35 years) contributes to addition to these reasons, issues affecting the regulation of erection:

Violation of metabolism.
Excessive consumption of alcohol.
Diseases of the spine.

After 45 years, the reasons are added:

Menopausal changes.
Kamerosky fibrosis.
Congestive phenomena in the pelvis.

If impotence in young occurs due to psychological aspects, go in the first place functional disorders in the body. Therefore, we can say: the more, the more likely it will happen the development of erectile dysfunction or impotence, because of the increase in “risk factors”. To be noted: reasons that are specific to certain age groups, can occur at an earlier age. For example, prostatitis is considered a disease of elderly, but in recent times he has become much “younger”. Marked disease in young men under the age of 30 years.

Of course, everyone should know and remember: in most cases, the treatment with the application of psychological, medical and surgical methods is successful.